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When singulair first came out they were advertising that there were no side effects.

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Information about Singulair.

Please discuss the risks and benefits of all medicines with your health care provider and take only as prescribed by your health care provider.

“The most important point is that doctors and pharmacists have the prime responsibility for informing patients and/or parents all they need to know about the medicinesaid its chief executive Leanne WellsLabelling is part of that advice

After sharing her son’s experience in an ABC 7.30 story about Singulair in early SeptemberVanessa Sellick from Melbourne launched a petition demanding compulsory labelling that has since gained 1500 signatures.

The Schmidts are among 91 affected Australian families who are demanding a fluorescent warning label about the side effects be added to the packaging of medications with the active ingredient Montelukastincluding the popularbrand-name version Singulair.

Dr Richard KiddAustralian Medical Association’s chair of general practicehas previously said the chance of side effects was too low to warrant unnecessarily frightening parents.

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a causal association between singulair and these underlying conditions has not been established see adverse reactions .

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